About Us

We are a marketing communications agency whose strength flows from the quality of its people and the caliber of its clients. Our responsibility is to make sure the work and reporting produced either increases the clients’ sales or enhances their image. The ethics and trust placed in us by clients is never ever ever compromised.

The best marketing communications in the world is not as important as improving everything executed for the client. You don’t have to be a giant in order to be good; neither do you have to be slick in order to be profitable. The goal of FMW is too have our clients say that the team takes good care of them.

Fluid Media Worldwide ( FMW ) has 4 rules of
engagement when dealing with clients:

Rule 1

The very first question we ask a client: What are your objectives.

Rule 2

What is your budget? This is important because designing the website, creating the platform & launching it relate to buying a car. One can buy a Honda, a Lexus or a Bentley! All will transport but like a car a website and the purposes relate a different panache.

Rule 3

FMW simplifies pricing like a car’s single sticker price. One fee covers all site development features, including digital videos. The only other cost is actual media, your global presence.

Rule 4

Payment process. Site development requires 50% upon signing of agreement and balance upon launch. Media costs are invoiced prior the execution. This is usually done on a monthly basis.
Addendum: Since any marketing campaign needs time to measure result, FMW requires a 90 day minimum media commitment ( invoiced monthly prior to execution ).

Our Team

Alan Pollak 

Jeff Weisberg

Kevin Ballard